Financial Case Studies

Financial Case Studies

Robroy Wiley

Robroy, conducts our research on notable people and writes about it. He is a Registered Investment Advisor and the Founder of StoryWill. He enjoys making the connection between a story and its financial aspect. Early 2017, he will be launching a book, that will cover modern notable people and their view of finances. Because success is achieved by design, not by default.

Hemingway's Untold
Financial Story

Ernest Hemingway, the iconic American author, left an untold financial story. To read his untold financial story, researched and written by Robroy Wiley, click here.

The Multi-Millionnaire 

In today’s world, Michelangelo would be considered a multi-millionnaire. To read more about Michelangelo, researched and written by Robroy Wiley, click here.

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