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Prepare for Retirement

Planning for retirement is vital because you only live once. What do you want your one life to look like? Through exploration, you can realize your deepest purpose. With our unique technology, you can align your investing plan with what matters most to you. See how utilizing your purpose can guide your actions and attitudes around money. You will be empowered to not only plan for your future, but to live your life to its fullest potential today. 

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Choose an Investment Plan

We’ve taken the hard work out of choosing an investing plan. Gone are the days of trying to pick the right stocks, find the right money managers or guessing when is the best time to get in or out of the market. Gone are the days of relying on some forecast or prediction. Investing is a science and we have mastered it through Nobel-Prize winning academics. We make choosing the right investment plan simple and our professionals with their extensive knowledge in investing and tax law can help you explore what options are best suited for your short and long term goals.

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New to Investing?

If you are new to investing it may seem overwhelming. There are endless options and routes. How do you choose what is right for you? Often times one will just put their trust in a professional because after all won’t they know what’s best? With SmartPlan you don’t just have to hope it works out. What if you had confidence in your decisions and know exactly what you were doing and why. What if I said that process was much easier than you ever imagined and it’s not just a dream, but reality offered to you today? 

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Employer 401K/403B Plans

Your staff is the heartbeat of your company and no doubt your greatest resource. Studies show that when employees worry less about their finances and future they perform better at work. We come along the side of employers to help provide not only retirement plan solutions, but coaching for their employees. Through our coaching program, they are able to discover answers to their most important questions around money so that they are left with the possibility to find true peace of mind.

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Eugene Fama
2013 Nobel prize winner for economics

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Roadmap to Your Ideal Retirement

Getting yourself in position for retirement seems to be one of the great challenges of adult life.
Creating a retirement that works for you doesn’t have to be a mystery, it does, however, require some planning and preparation to get where you want to go.

In this guide, we hope to help you identify your personal ideal retirement – not a retirement of scarcity. If you haven’t begun to consider what you want your life and lifestyle to look like in retirement, now is a great time to start.

This guide is designed to help you regardless of where you are in the retirement spectrum: whether you're preparing for retirement OR if you're already retired and looking to make your wealth work for you in a new way. 

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At SmartPlan Investing we have found that there is a profound difference in one’s investing journey when they work with a coach. A coach will help you transform your experience with money and investing in a new and powerful way. Explore our upcoming events and talk to a coach today to be registered into the coaching program.