Human Capital

Human Capital 

Attracting and retaining skilled labor is a necessary component for business growth. In the competitive field of business, employees are evaluating the culture of a company that allows them to grow and excel; as well as, prepare for their future through the company’s retirement plan. 

Our Service to you

As a Registered Investment Advisory firm, we work closely with a CPA & Accounting firm that can do comparative financial and tax scenarios towards choosing a corporate retirement plan. This helps give a clear picture and framework to choose between matching contributions, value, and cost.

Accessible (Direct Access)

We provide our clients a direct avenue to an advisory team for questions and needs.


We will schedule to meet and communicate the plan, the options, and guide you through the onboarding process with new participants.

Participant Education

We offer the American Dream Experience and quarterly coaching as well as online resources to all participants.

Fiduciary Partner

We believe in integrity following the fiduciary & compliance rules and standards and communicating with you the client all current changes with access to documents regarding record keeping. 

Do you have questions about your financial picture? Let's talk about it.

At SmartPlan Investing we have found that there is a profound difference in one’s investing journey when they work with a coach. A coach will help you transform your experience with money and investing in a new and powerful way. Explore our upcoming events and talk to a coach today to be registered into the coaching program.